We love America's national parks.

National Park Number: 44 of 59 A visit to Arches is all about timing. This park is geographically small and receives over a million visitors per year; most will want to visit the same handful of sites, including Delicate Arch and the Windows, which means you’re likely to encounter... Read More
National Park Number: 52 of 59 We were on a Rocky Mountain high the entire time we were in this park, and we were singing the John Denver song of the same name pretty much the whole time, too. Because we’re very, very hip. Now that we’re getting so... Read More
National Park Number: 30 of 59 Virgin Islands is hands-down one of the most special places we’ve visited on our trip. Because we were trying to raise money for rebuilding efforts before and after our time there, we did a lot of research about St. John, its land and... Read More

Road Life

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