We love America's national parks.

National Park Number: 17 of 59 I grew up in the Great Basin Desert in Idaho and I never knew about Great Basin National Park. This is a shame, because the park is basically a big celebration of the landscape I grew up in and until recently, I didn’t... Read More
National Parks Numbers: 49 & 50 of 59 Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks are adjacent to each other and administered jointly; everything from the jr. ranger programs to the pamphlets are combined, so we’re combining our blog post about the two :).  The Sierra Nevadas are special, and... Read More
National Park Number: 47 of 59 Pinnacles National Park was such a surprise stunner. Often with these lesser-known, smaller parks, we go in without a lot of expectations, and every time we end up getting blown away—Congaree had one of our favorite paddles of all time, Biscayne was manatee heaven,... Read More

Road Life

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