We love America's national parks.

National Park Number: 14 of 59 I think our trip—and possibly our lives—may have peaked at Katmai. It was such a mind-bogglingly cool experience that I can hardly believe it happened to us.  Possibly that seems like an overstatement. Possibly we will share these pictures of salmon-fishing bears and... Read More
National Park Number: 51 of 59 Bryce Canyon is a tiny park, full of rock castles and colored like sherbet and pretty as anything. We spent two days there because two days is what we had and we loved them because loving parks is what we do now. The... Read More
National Park Number: 29 of 59 Early in our trip, we met a couple who was visiting their last of the 59 National Parks. They were excited to talk to us about all their favorites; when we asked if there were any duds, they said, “Congaree. It’s just ugly.”... Read More

Road Life

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