We love America's national parks.

National Park Number: 45 of 59 This past year of traveling has been more educational than any other year of my adult life, including the ones I spent in college and grad school. One of the many things I’ve learned about is the existence of American Samoa. American Samoa... Read More
National Park Number: 12 of 59 We ended up in Hawaii sooner than we thought—David’s family planned a vacation there and we wanted to join them, especially because we discovered that flights from Anchorage to Hawaii are super reasonable compared to flying there from the lower 48. We flew... Read More
Plan your journey to Nevada’s Great Basin Highway, the quintessential road trip. We recently returned from a road trip through Eastern Nevada, from Great Basin National Park to Las Vegas. This is quintessential road trip country: wide open spaces, sprawling vistas, and loads of under-the-radar gems to stop at... Read More

Road Life

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