Camera Gear



Sony a7rii

I switched to Sony at the beginning of this trip and I haven’t looked back since. This is an amazing camera. Amazing internal 4k video, 42mp still resolution and all in a tiny mirrorless package. There are definitely some tradeoffs when you switch to sony (google it). But for what we’re doing, this camera is perfect. The also just came out with the new a7riii which fixes a lot of my gripes with the a7rii. Check it out if you’re in the market!

Gopro Hero 5

Great Action camera. Affordable, records 4k video, totally waterproof. We use this whenever we need to get wet. 



Sony 24-70mm f2.8 G Master

This is my workhorse, if you’re wondering what lens I used on a certain picture, nine times out of ten it was this one. It cost more than the camera body but it’s more than payed for itself at this point. If I could only have one lens (and for a long time I did) it would be this one. 

Zeiss Batis 18mm f2.8

I added this wide angle for landscapes and interior shots. It’s been an awesome addition. The Zeiss brand really lives up to the hype. This lens is crazy sharp and has a wonderful quality to the way it reproduces color. It’s really light so If we’re going on a big hike with lots of big views I will often take only this lens and leave everything else behind. 

Sony 70-200 mm f4

I added this lens before we went to Alaska to take wildlife shots. It’s a great telephoto for the money and is significantly cheaper than the G master f2.8 version. If you’re making a big trip with lots of opportunities to shoot wildlife it’s worth it to get a longer zoom.  



Hoya Hd3 UV filters and Polarizers

Amazing filters. They’re more expensive but I’ve been through enough crappy ones to know that a good filter is worth the money. Just don’t scratch them! 



Manfrotto 055 carbon fiber tripod

A great tripod. Light enough to hike with but big enough for the studio. I found mine used at B&H. 

Sirui ball head

Good basic tripod head. 


Giottos Rocket Air puffer

Invaluable for blowing dust off the sensor. This is always in my bag wherever we go. 

Lens Wipes

Great for cleaning a lens on the go

Optical Cleaner

Great cheap optical cleaning solution

Microfiber cloths

I always keeps lots of these around



DJI Mavic Pro

We’ve loved our Mavic. It’s really small and easy to hike with. We don’t fly it enough (you can’t fly in national parks) but when we do we love it. The video quality is solid and impressive considering it’s size and price point. 


Video Accessories

Zhiyun Crane 2 Stabilizer

This was a game changer for video. It makes taking usable video while running around possible and it also drastically improves the quality of video you can take while bumping around on a plane or boat. Super easy to use. Great value. (also DJI just released a similar stabilizer)

Rode Video Mic Pro

I use this to record any interviews or when I need better sound than the internal camera mic can deliver. This mic is pretty much the industry standard for SLR video. 


Bags, Cases and Accessories

Peak Design 30L everyday backpack

Love this bag. You can configure it a million ways, it holds a ton and it looks good on top of it all. 

Peak Design Slide Camera Strap

My favorite camera strap I’ve owned. It’s sturdy, easily adjustable and compatible with peak design’s anchor clips so I can take it on and off for tripod shots or to put it on the stabilizer. 

Peak Design Soft Shell Camera Jacket

Great for when it’s raining! Believe me. cameras don’t like getting wet. 

Peak Design Field Pouch

Great for organizing filters, batteries cords etc. 

Peak Design Capture Clip

awesome for hiking if you don’t like a camera swinging around your neck.

Pelican Card Case

I couldn’t live without this. Keeps all my cards in one place and it’s waterproof!

Pelican case for drone

Keeps the drone safe when we’re not using it!

Foam insert for Pelican case

Organizes all the drone stuff neatly. 

Data Storage

Sandisk Extreme Pro 64gb

My go-to memory card for the Sony. I’ve got a bunch of them. 

Lacie Rugged Raid 4tb

I have 4 Lacie rugged hard drives that I carry with me. This rugged raid is my favorite. The faster transfer speeds save me tons of time when I’m dumping cards into light room and editing video. 

G Drive Raid 8tb

I use this big guy for backups. 


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