Van Lifers for the Virgin Islands


Help us help a national park (and community) in need

When we were researching for our trip, we were particularly excited to visit Virgin Islands National Park on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. We had visions of lounging and snorkeling and hiking around a tropical paradise. This fall’s devastating hurricanes changed our plans—and of course, the change to our trip is the absolute least tragic part of what happened. We thought about waiting until later to visit Virgin Islands, but then we found out that the National Park Service and lots of other organizations on the island are looking for volunteers to help with cleanup. We wanted to get involved, and while our trip will only be a few days long and we probably won’t be able to do as much work on the ground as we’d like, we’re hoping we can use our visit to spread awareness about how recovery efforts are progressing and what needs the people have. 

As we’ve reached out and talked to people currently living on St. John, we’ve learned that there is still a tremendous need for funds to help rebuild schools, senior centers, local nonprofits, and other community resources that support vulnerable populations. We’re reaching out to our community to ask for donations to help with the recovery process. 100% of funds will go directly to the Fund for the Virgin Islands, a fund set up in the wake of Hurricane Irma by the long-running Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands. We’ve been following CFVI’s work, and feel strongly that donating to their organization is one of the most effective ways we can help the people of the Virgin Islands. 

Besides the thrill of knowing you’ve helped someone in dire need, we want to offer you some help with your Christmas shopping to sweeten the deal! We’re big fans of giving photo prints for Christmas, and we’re willing to bet at least one person on your list would love to receive a knockout picture this holiday season. So we’ve teamed up with to offer you sweet discounts or free prints in exchange for your donation. We’ll also be sending out postcard thank-you’s from us for donations of $20 or more.

We’d love it if you’d make a donation on behalf of a loved one as their holiday gift, and if you do, we’ll send that person an American Field Trip-made video about some of the people your gift is helping. If you’ve always wanted to give warm fuzzies and an affirmation of the beauty of the human spirit for Christmas, HERE’S YOUR CHANCE!

$5 — You’ll get a 40% discount on prints from Browse prints here.

$20 — A 40% discount, plus a handwritten postcard from us. Browse prints here.

$30 — All of the above, plus a 50% discount at Browse prints here.

$50 — The $30 rewards, plus a 12×15 photo print of this picture from Katmai National Park.

$75 — The $30 rewards, plus a 24×30 poster of this picture from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

$100+ — You’ll get a post card, a 50% discount, both prints and a personal video thank you from us.

If you’re donating on behalf of someone else, write their name and email address in the “on behalf of” field on the donation page as well as the address you want the prints shipped to. We’ll send them a video on Christmas day about some of the people your gift is helping!

Any Questions? Shoot us an email through the contact us page.

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