White Sands National Monument

On our way back from Big Bend to Arizona, there were a few spots calling our name.

First up: Roswell, NM, where we checked out the International UFO Museum and became prettttty convinced that the government’s been up to some fishy stuff around these parts. The museum is full of pictures, newspaper clippings, and some super creepy models of aliens.

Then we headed to White Sands National Monument, a place we’ve been dying to go for ages! We spent a sunset and the following sunrise here, wandering around the dunes and gaping, and I think it is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, ever ever ever. Top of the bucket list now is returning to this spot and camping out on the dunes. We loved it so much.

Then it was on to the Very Large Array! We didn’t spend much time, just took a few photos, but it was a stunning sight, all those radio antennae out in the desert.

We don’t always post much about what we do between national parks, but we have some ideas for sharing more of the in-between after we get back. We’d love to turn this website into a resource for people who want to travel around the U.S., especially for families. It might be a while before we actually have the mental bandwidth to do it, but someday ;).

  1. Brady: "Sorry, honey… I don’t think your sunset is going to be that great."
    White Sands: "OH YEAH? WANNA BET?!"
    (Spoiler: the sunset was incredible. From what I hear, it always is.)

  2. Hi do you guys have any plans to add the newly joined, 60th National Park to your list? And if you dont mind share your thoughts on whether or not Gateway Arch derseve the NP status.

    1. Hey! Sorry, I know it’s been forever since you posted this—we have LOTS of thoughts on Gateway Arch! We haven’t included it on our list of parks to visit because while the legislation changed the parks name, it didn’t actually change its designation—a confusing distinction, but one we hope will be maintained by the NPS because Gateway Arch just doesn’t at all fit the mission or description of a national park. We’ll be writing more about this later on down the road!

  3. I would love to read some gear reviews and tips geared towards traveling with little ones! I’m guilty of bringing more than I need when I travel with the kids, I would love to read about what you’ve learned after traveling and hiking so extensively with your kiddos.

  4. Glad you got to see the VLA. Not big, but interesting. Did you stop at the General Store in Datil?

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