Captured at Logan Canyon on 18 Oct, 2020 by David Andrew Bowman Photography for American Field Trip.

50 Miles Within 50 Miles

When we started American Field Trip, one of our major goals was to encourage local adventures—the kind that you can do affordably, sustainably, and often. That’s never been more important than now, when staying close to home protects our communities and helps prevent the spread of COVID, and when we all desperately need the stress-busting, mood-boosting powers of the outdoors.⁣

So we’re teaming up with L.L. Bean to start a new challenge: hike 50 miles within 50 miles of your house before the end of the year. Get all the benefits of spending time outside, while discovering new spots to explore close to home or enjoying old favorites again. And we would absolutely love to have you participate.

Post your hikes on Instagram with the hashtag #50mileswithin50miles (we’ll be resharing along the way!) Tag us and once a month, we’ll give one lucky participant a $100 gift card from L.L. Bean and we’ll have a big grand prize giveaway at the end of the challenge .⁣

To help inspire you over the next few months, we’ll be featuring hikers from each of the 50 states on our Instagram (and we’ll share them here, too, once everything is gathered!) We’ll also be sharing our own 50 miles here and on Instagram.

We’ve created a few tools for you to keep track of your miles:

Use this template to participate in your insta stories and share what’s great about your local area! We’ll be re-posting these on our account.

Use this template in Instagram’s Layout mode to combine it with a picture from your hikes. It’s a fun way to remember your adventures and tell everyone how many miles you’ve knocked off your goal!

And here’s a cute sticker you can put on your stories!

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